Write My Thesis: Cybercrime and Underground Technology


Cybercrime and Underground Technology


  2. Background Information
  3. Brief synopsis of cybercrime and few things it entails.
  4. More topic specific information leading into thesis.
  5. THESIS:

Cybercrime in the U.S. and globally, has contributed to millions of dollars’ worth of losses and damages. With technology evolving every day, there is always something new that will arise to counteract what was set in place to avoid the damage from taking place in the first place.  Whether it be from funds being stolen to nations government systems being compromised at some point in time their will always be something to battle against.

  1. Body
  2. Support Paragraph 1
  3. Beginnings of cybercrime
  4. Supporting Ideas
  5. Examples of early crime
  6. Supporting Ideas
  7. Summarize/Concluding/Transition sentence


  1. Support Paragraph 2
  2. Software that prevents cybercrime
  3. Supporting Ideas
  4. Technology involved
  5. Supporting Ideas
  6. Summarize/Concluding/ Transition sentence


  1. Support Paragraph 3
  2. Underground cybercrime
  3. Supporting Ideas
  4. Global Implications
  5. Supporting Ideas


  1. Support Paragraph 4
  2. Companies Involved in research
  3. Supporting Ideas
  4. Future Trends
  5. Supporting Ideas


  • Conclusion
  1. Summarize Review Key Points
  2. Concluding Thoughts


  1. References

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