War and opportunity cost

War and opportunity cost

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Assignment type : Case Study

articles from Atlantic: Fighting Terrorism with a Credit Card”; and the other from Forbes “Iraq Opportunity Costs: What America Could Have Had If It Never Invaded”. As you no doubt are aware, President Trump is sending more troops to Afghanistan – the longest war in US history as we near the 16 year mark. But, we still are fighting in Iraq, too, even though we officially ended that war New Year’s Eve 2011, and we removed almost all troops from Iraq in 2013 after nearly 10 years of fighting there. So, let’s consider the opportunity cost of these wars. This requires you to think on the Macro (Big Picture) Level, what do the articles say the opportunity costs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been over the last 16 years? What do you think about that? (Remember, costs are not just measured in dollars and cents!) How big of an impact will this make on our future in the US? Finally, compare this to the Autism article; “Beautiful Minds, wasted”. What are the opportunity costs of not treating the illness? What are the similarities between the opportunity cost issues identified in both situations?

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