Technology And Healthcare Applied

Choose one of the following 10 advancements mentioned in the article.

1.     Electronic Health Record

2.     mHealth

3.     Telemedicine/Telehealth

4.     Portal Technology

5.     Self-Service Kiosks

6.     Remote Monitoring Tools

7.     Sensors and Wearable Technology

8.     Wireless Communication

9.     Real-Time Locating Services

10.  Pharmacogenomics/genome sequencing

Referring to the chosen category from above, write a 3-5 page, APA formatted essay, addressing the following:

·        Provide a brief summary of a situation in which you experienced the technological advancement category you selected.

·        Was this experience positive or negative? In your opinion, what components allowed that to be positive or negative?

·        Describe how this technological advancement provided a result, and/or information that may not have been gained without the application of this technology.

·        Do you foresee this technology being utilized in the future?  If so, what potential changes may take place in the future?  If not, why do you feel that way?

·        Explain how you feel this technological advancement will help or hinder jobs within the healthcare field.

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