SWOT Analysis

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Deliverable 5 – SWOT Analysis

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  1. Competency
    Appraise the impact of stakeholder preferences on Human Resources strategies.

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    You are the vice president of HR of a medium-sized private company that has just been acquired by a multinational, publicly-traded organization. The CEO has asked you to prepare an executive summary detailing what organizational changes to implement in the business units of the old private company in order to align its strategic direction with the parent organization. You realize that the best way to research the information you need to make these recommendations is to conduct a SWOT analysis of the acquired organization to better understand how it will be situated within its new market and environment.

    In order to prepare the executive summary for the CEO, conduct a SWOT analysis on the acquired organization and create an executive summary regarding your analysis and conclusions both in terms of organizational strategy and HR strategy for the firm. Your summary should include the following information:

    • Strategic goals of the parent organization as a benchmark and desired state for the acquired company
    • New market/environment in which the acquired company will operate
    • Internal stakeholder strengths and weaknesses of the acquired company
    • External stakeholder threats and opportunities for the acquired company
    • Recommendations for where to focus immediate resources in implementing change activities.


  • Please follow the template  that I unpload  below for direction

2Questions separate paper for the answer , It relates to this assignments

1)  which big questions about this competency remain for you?

2)  How do you think this competency may connect to others in this course?

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