Strategic Framework in contemporary strategic management

Strategic Framework in contemporary strategic management

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Discipline Management

Assignment type : Coursework 


Learning Objective 2: Be able to evaluate the contribution of strategic frameworks in

contemporary strategic management.


‘inventing new knowledge is not a specialized activity…it is a way of behaving, indeed a way

of being, in which everyone is a knowledge worker’ (Nonaka, 1991).

Following this line of thought, and with reference to relevant literature and theory, discuss your

company’s approach to strategic management of knowledge and organisational learning.

Evaluate its use of strategic frameworks and tools, including the importance of knowledge in

strategic development; strategic marketing; sustainability, competitive advantage; and

managing strategic corporate change.

Note…. it is important to back your work with examples

Assignment Specifics:

  1. This is an individual piece of work.
  2. Your essay should be grounded in relevant module theory.
  3. Reference all sources appropriately, using the APA Referencing System.
  4. The word count of your report is 3000 words (-/+10%).
  5. provide relevant examples
  6. The assignment counts 50% towards your final grade.

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