Sports and nature

Sports and nature

Format MLA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 11 pages (3025 words)

Assignment type : Research Paper

Paper Proposal
(One page, double-spaced)

Writing a long research paper requires many stages of preparation. Once the general paper topic has been chosen, the next step is to create a refined paper proposal. The proposal is a way for you to concisely explain what your research paper will be arguing (for/against), the preliminary plan for your argument, the sources and evidence that will support your argument, and the issues you expect to be significant elements of your discussion. The proposal is a formal genre whose audience tends to be the professor and/or readers of your research paper. The proposal is a way for you to begin to shape your response to the ongoing academic debate surrounding your topic.

Some questions to answer in your proposal are:

What are issues that you anticipate in your research in addition to your central question?
How do you propose a variety of different types of sources in your research?
Does the research you propose give an argument? Keep in mind that you should not just describe a problem, but you should analyze various solutions to this problem.
Do you set up a situation where different sources have the opportunity to “speak to each other”? Meaning, do you anticipate how the sources would respond to each other? And what is your role in this conversation?
The proposal only needs to be one page in length, so please be concise. Your proposal will be graded on a pass/fail basis. If your proposal is deemed to be too broad, you will have to revise it until you receive a passing grade.

*Once I have responded to your first proposal attempt, please rewrite your proposal in the next 24 hours.*

10 to 14 pages, not including works cited page or visual aids
At least 10 reliable sources of your own choosing (feel free to use the articles we covered in class—if applicable!).
Uses MLA format guide
Situation: The authors we have read this quarter examine nature and its relationship to human society. The research paper is an opportunity for you to participate in an ongoing debate about humans and nature and to effectively contribute to the conversation on a topic of your choosing. This paper in particular allows you to put into practice the writing skills you have developed throughout the semester: summary, synthesis, and analysis, and to further develop critical thinking and research skills that will aid you throughout your academic career.

Task: The research paper requires you to formulate a specific argument based on the overall theme of the course. Based on our ongoing readings regarding nature, choose a topic that you think illustrates the complex relationships we have studied, specifically focusing on the manner that human social issues (perhaps related to race, class, gender, culture, etc.) are reflected in human interactions with nature.

Your essay should analyze and provide an argument about this topic. Although your own argument is the central focus of your paper, you will also have to actively engage other critical sources that address your topic. In so doing, you will summarize these sources and their main arguments, analyze the effectiveness of their arguments, and synthesize all ten (or more) sources into one all-encompassing argument about your topic. As a participant in this dialogue, you should contribute a unique and convincing argument and demonstrate a thorough understanding of your topic.


Does your paper address a specific, focused inquiry into the relationship between humans and nature? Does your paper offer a unique perspective, evident in a complex and original thesis statement? Is your paper organized and designed around a well-developed thesis statement? Does your paper have the proper scope, i.e. not too broad? (35 pts)
Do you engage other critical sources in the formulation of your own, unique argument? Does your paper demonstrate a comprehensive mastery of summary, analysis, and synthesis when using other sources? Does your essay consider the different perspectives of a variety of academic sources? (35 pts)
Is your paper free of grammatical errors, and do your citations follow MLA format? Is your paper properly formatted (titled, double-spaced, Times or similarly serifed font style, 12 point font, 1-inch margins)? (30 pts)

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