This assignment provides you an opportunity to critique the delivery skills, structure, and content of your speeches. You can use these critiques for self-improvement.


Complete two (2) critiques of your performance in the speeches you performed in class this semester. You can write a critique on the Introduction, Impromptu, Commemorative, or Informative Speeches. In the work, address aspects of delivery (strengths and weaknesses), structure (strengths and weaknesses), and content (strengths and weaknesses). Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion.

You should discuss:

  1. What you did well,
  2. Where you struggled, and
  3. Offer a detailed plan for improving future speeches
  4. Each of the two (2) critiques should be 1-2 pages (a minimum 5-paragraph) and double-spaced. Use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Be sure to include your name in your work. Be sure to proofread.

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