S2S – Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program

S2S – Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program

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This is essay is to be able to attend a Leadership program for teenagers. It has to talk about my goals for when i finish high school which is to go to college to become a veterinarian and in the process do some community service. Then i have to put myself in the following scenarios and as a student in student 2 student. It is time for your next S2S social and your S2S leader asks for ideas from the team. Your idea was not selected, and you are not happy with the idea that was selected. Your S2S president asks you to plan the social. Tell how you work with the planning team to make a successful S2S social, even though you do not like the chosen idea. Then, Pat is a new student and is not happy to attend your school. How do you and your S2S work with Pat to help her adjust to your school?Next, Describe a time that you demonstrated 100% acceptance. Also, Why is S2S important to your school?And lastly, How has S2S improved your school’s culture?

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Academic Level: High School

Volume of 250 – 600 pages (2 pages)

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