Qualitative research using stata

Qualitative research using stata

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Project (Quantitative research methods)
This project will cover a question central to the study of contemporary management: whether
firms should let their employees telecommute; namely, do some or all of their work from
This study focuses on the effect of allowing workers who previously worked at the office to
telecommute for four days a week. The company running this experiment wanted to know
whether their employees would work less hard at home or whether the fact they did not have
to commute and could work in a more personal space without noise would improve their
concentration and effort levels.
The company is a large travel agency and employees telecommuting were either taking or
making bookings for trips or hotels or they were correcting orders.
You will work on the data set (Performance) the data sets contain information on the employees in question: eg, their gender, age, whether they have
children, the length of their commute, etc. The data also contain (a variant) of the variable
“experiment_treatment”, which indicates whether an employee was working from home in
the week in which the data were recorded.
“Performance”: These data contain a measure of how the employee performed
during the experiment, “perform1”. This is a score of performance that is comparable
across different groups of employees. The question to analyse is whether employees
working from home performed better on this measure then employees working from
the office.

you are expected to submit a report of 1,500 words based on the analysis of the data set (Performance)
You will be expected to report on the following aspects of the data using Sata:
(i) Descriptive statistics for the variables in the data
(ii) Graphical analysis of the main correlations in the data
(iii) Your main hypotheses and output tests of these hypotheses
(iv) Regression analysis testing the same hypotheses
(v) Your recommendations and conclusions from this analysis

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