Project Plan Case Study

Project Plan Case Study

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Discipline Business

Assignment type : Business Plan


You are required to develop a complete project plan for a database clean up for a recruitment agency

Within this task, you are required to consider, name and account for a major project setback that occurs during the project lifecycle. Examples of project setbacks could be:

  • Workers’ strikes.
  • Bad weather for 1 week affecting local material supplies.
  • A sudden spike in raw material costs (eg. oil price).
  • A technical failure of testing facilities (software and/or hardware).
  • An unforeseen legal issue where you discover software licensing of your department was

not confirmed.

  • The exchange rate of the host country changes dramatically affecting your purchasing

power of overseas materials/services.

  • A sudden closure of your outsourced IT service-provider.
  • Other technological, economic, political/regulatory and/or socio-cultural factors.

You only need to pick one. Be specific, creative, and realistic with this major project setback.

This case study also needs to be structured, systematic, and must use theories, models, and concepts you have learned in this subject.

You should also utilise a demonstrated working example of project management software/digital tools to help you manage the project through to completion. This may require the visual planning of scheduling through gantt and/or milestone charts. Take screenshots of visualisations that you feel are critical to the nature of your project and explain why these were most suitable. You are free to work with whichever platform suits you best.

Format APA

Academic Level: Masters

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