Potassium Sulphides

Potassium Sulphides

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Volume of 6 pages (1500 words)

Assignment type : Research Paper

Food Safety and Occupational Safety and Health

Individual assignment – 20%

Preparation: Food Ingredient Research Project
In your future role as a Chef, it will be your responsibility to provide menus and recipes that are safe, healthy and nutritious to your customers. To ensure that the products that you are using are not harmful and to avoid any potential risks to people with allergies and other sensitivities. You must be well aware of the ingredients that are found in the foods that you are purchasing, as well as how food products are farmed and processed.

Assessment Criteria:
A Power point presentation should be completed and its contents are intended to better educate your purchasing department and kitchen Department heads.
The assignment topic will be chosen from a short list of subjects to research, the research should contain the following elements listed below and verbally presenting to the Class.
The intention is for us to become more aware of the ingredients that are put into the foods that we eat.

Content of the research:
a) common name used of the ingredient along with other trade names used to identify that ingredient or used to identify a product that is closely identified with that same product.
b) History of that Ingredient from its discovery to its first known usage in food production. Where-when-who
c) In detail describe the initial intentions of the producers of that ingredient and the purpose it was intended to serve
d) How has this product benefited us
e) Are there any known health risks or controversies to the use of this ingredient
f) Where is this product found? What products and usages?
g) Give several (show) examples of products labeled with this ingredient under its common trade name and/or other names
h) Who are the biggest manufactures of this Ingredient (country, company, brand)
i) Give your overall opinion of the merits of this product
j) What consumer foods can we find this ingredient in, list at least 10 and show pictures of those products

List of Food Additives and Ingredients to choose from for research
1) MSG
2) Sodium Nitrate
3) Sodium Benzoate
4) Potassium Sulphides
5) Altrazine
6) Anti-Oxidants
7) Modified Starches
8) Ascorbic Acid
9) Calcium Chloride
10) Citric Acid
11) Decanoic Acid
12) Niacin
13) Olestra
14) Potassium Alginate
15) Saccharin and Aspartame
16) High Fructose Corn Syrup
17) Sodium Sulfite
18) BHA and BHT
19) Sulfur Dioxide
20) Potassium Bromate

Specifics: Power Point Class Presentation
Hard Copy printed for Teachers grading

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