Peter Singer’s Argument: All Animals Are Equal

Peter Singer’s Argument: All Animals Are Equal

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Discipline Philosophy

Assignment type : Essay 


I need a 5, double-spaced page paper that has the following:

– Critique or Defend Singer’s argument that all animals are equal. You will need 2 quotes per page from the book, “Basic Readings” 2nd Edition, Edited by: Nigel Warburton” that’s found on google books.

The paragraphs should go as follows and If you wish to defend Singer’s argument, you will need to structure the essay like this: 1. Intro prarag, 2. Author’s argument, 3 A possible criticism of author, 4. Your defense of author from criticism, 5. A possible objection to your defense, 6. Your reply to the objection, Concluding paragraph.

You will need to site the BOOK ONLY for this essay and use footnotes.


Format MLA

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Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

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