Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative

Format MLA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

Assignment type : Essay

Personal Narrative:

In two typed pages, craft a personal narrative essay that focuses on an event in your life that a larger ramification. Think of a time that proved to define you. What was the lesson learned?

1.Does the introduction hook the reader?
2.Does the paper adhere to MLA?
3.Is the paper in chronological order?
4.Does the author pace him/herself, focusing time and attention on the events that matter?
5. Is the paper free of grammatical, mechanical and spelling errors?
6.Is the paper written in a five-paragraph format with a clear thesis, topic sentences and supporting sentences?
7.Does the paper use direct quotes from at least two people during a relevant conversation?
8.Is the topic significant?
MLA format

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