Do we need to require a legal for-profit capitalist market in human kidneys?

Do we need to require a legal for-profit capitalist market in human kidneys?

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Discipline Philosophy

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You are not required to respond to all of these questions, but these will help structure your thinking:

-What are the costs and benefits of such a legal market?

-How would a libertarian view this issue? How would a Marxist view this issue?

-How might Kantian universalists respond to this issue? Relativists?

-If you support a regulated market, what sorts of regulations make the market acceptable?

-Should we be free to sell any of our organs? What do we mean by “free” in this regard?

-What drives people to either sell or buy organs? What causes these motivations? Should people be allowed to sell their kidneys for any reason, or should the government determine what are acceptable and unacceptable reasons to sell their kidneys?

-Are the sellers responsible for the conditions that cause them to sell their organs? Do any of these motivations compromise their freedom to enter into these transactions?

-What criteria should determine who “contributes” kidneys to the supply pool?

-What criteria should determine who receives kidneys? Should wealth be the primary factor for who receives kidney (and the highest quality kidneys), just as wealth determines who receives the best cars?

-How is the kidney example different from markets in health care generally? How does this example relate to whether any aspects of health should be distributed according to capitalist markets?

-How is the kidney example different from other things we value like health care generally, food, education, transportation, trips to the opera?

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