Multicultural Psychology

 Write a three-to-five page research paper in APA format proposing a cross-cultural psychology topic.

 You can choose any research topic discussed in this course that you want to further research. It could be a topic that struck a chord with you through this course that you’d really like to see change, or a phenomenon or correlation you’re interested in learning more about.

 Write the research paper in APA format and include all appropriate sections (with the exception of a results section). This includes:

· An abstract (a brief overview of the entire paper in one paragraph)

· Introduction (first paragraph[s]: about two-thirds of a page long)

·  Literature review (a review of all that’s been studied on your topic of research thus far)

· Method and design section (How will you measure or research what it is you’re hoping to prove or learn more about?)

· Your hypothesis (included at the end of your introduction)

· Discussion (You can discuss the reasons why you arrived at your hypothesis, since you’re not engaging in the actual research portion of the study.)

· Conclusion (final paragraph[s])

· If you would like to learn more about writing in APA format, please visit the OWL (online learning lab) at Purdue University.

 There won’t be a results section because you won’t be conducting the research.

 Please cite only peer-reviewed journal articles. Sources must be cited in APA format.

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