Why is it exceptionally difficult for adolescents to trust social workers who are interested in helping them from danger?

Write a methodology plan that you would carry out if you had the opportunity to explore the research question.

Research Question (Also include any hypotheses). 

Design – What type of study are you proposing?

Measurement of Variables – What are the regular and operational definitions for your variables? How will you be measuring each variable? Are there other variables you wish to control for? How will you measure them or ensure they are controlled? If you use any instruments, surveys, questionnaires, etc., whether they were pre-existing or you created one yourself, include them in the Appendices of the full proposal

Sampling Procedures – What population are you trying to generalize to?  What sampling method(s) will you be using? What will your specific physical procedures be?  What will you do to protect the confidentiality of participants? What will you do to protect participants from harm? What agencies or organizations will you partner with?

Data Collection Procedures – How will you collect your data? What are the specific physical steps you will go through to collect the data? What specific time frames are involved? How will the data be recorded?

Focus of Data Analysis – When you have completed your data collection, how will you analyze the data to try and answer your question and, if applicable, test your hypothesis? State what it is you will be looking for, even if it seems obvious.

Limitations and Ethical Considerations – What are the threats to internal validity in your proposed methods? What are the threats to external validity in your proposed methods? Are there any potential ethical problems?

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