Mergers And Acquisitions Report

*Main task: Task 2.3-Mergers and Acquisitions Report*
Students are required to identify and critically evaluate a hostile acquisition. Students must reference the source of information regarding their hostile takeover case. Please consider the following;

“Examine a hostile acquisition and discuss the tactics employed by both the predator and the target companies. Please discuss a real-life example of the hostile take-over and which of the tactics you have just discussed were used.” *also add graphs and data*

Sensible Motives for Mergers
Some Dubious Reasons for Mergers Estimating Merger Gains and Costs
The Mechanics of a Merger
Proxy Fights, Takeovers, and the Market for Corporate Control
Merger Waves and Merger Profitability

*Ensure the balance between qualitative and quantitative data.*

Word Count: 1500 – 2000 words
All referencing and citations require Harvard referencing style.

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