Marketing Plan: Product Description Assignment Product description with feature and benefit analysis

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Marketing Plan: Product Description Assignment Product description with feature and benefit analysis

Good Eats mobile grocery store • Grocery delivery is all the rage…is a mobile store the next hot trend? • Your role is the marketing director assigned to launch this in a city of your choice • Stuff to consider… – Downtowns are hot – both Boomers and Millennials are snatching up condos and apartments in walkable downtowns. – Many of these residents are upper income and educated – And many don’t want to drive (or may not have a car at all) – Due to limited space or high property costs many downtowns lack a grocery store – can your new firm fill a gap in the market? – HINT: Think about what you will stock • You have limited space!

Product description with feature and benefit analysis

This section of your marketing plan has THREE parts, both of which are required.

Part One – Product Description Describe your product or service concisely, but specifically, in no more than three (3) double spaced pages and written in formal business style. The most important requirement for this assignment is that after reading it your instructor has a clear understanding of your product/service/non-profit, what it does for the consumer and how it works or functions.

This is NOT a sales pitch. Do not use this section to promote or advertise your product. Product descriptions which do so will be penalized in grading. Rather, this is a factual and objective description of your product. Some information you typically include:

  • The name of your product
  • What it does
  • How it works (functionality).
  • What it looks like · Key design elements
  • What makes it special or unique

Note: for services you should adapt the above list to fit an intangible product. Your concentration will be what services you provide for your customers.



Product Description with Feature and Benefit Analysis


Product Functionality and Design

Part Two – Features and Benefits Using a chart, similar to the one in the example below, list no less than FIVE features of your product with at least TWO customer benefits for EACH of the features.

Part Three: SMART Objectives. You are required to create no less than four (4) SMART Objectives for your product or service.

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