Marketing Ethics

Marketing Ethics

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Discipline Marketing

Assignment type : Research Paper


A 1600 word research paper.

Your research can consist of article reviews, internet research, etc.

Your paper must follow APA format and must not violate the University’s guidelines with respect to plagiarism

Note: Please see the syllabus for information related to plagiarism.

Guidance on APA formatting can be found at the following sites:

The report format should follow these guidelines:

Margins: Left, Right, Top & Bottom – 1 inch

Font: Times New Roman

Line spacing: Double spaced

Font size: 12 pt

NOTE – Word has a built-in reference list generator. Just click on the References tab and select APA 5th or 6th edition

Please see the attachment

Format APA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 6 pages (1650 words)

Type of service: Custom writing

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