International Business Economics a theoretical methodological perspective

International Business Economics a theoretical methodological perspective

Format MLA

Academic Level: Masters

Volume of 10 pages (2750 words)

Assignment type : Research Paper

Students may structure their projects as follows:
 Problem definition (to be included in the introduction)
 Theories of International Business that may be useful in
understanding the problem. (These come from the review of the relevant literature)
 Scientific paradigms and methodologies that may be useful to designing the study,
with specific attention to the assumptions underlying the theories as well as their
view of business reality.
 Conceptual Model and Analysis
 Reflections

The demand for food supply globally from basic grains to gourmet fruits and Mexicos agricultural production might represent opportunities and challenges for internationalization of Mexican SMEs involved in the production, packing and exports of this agricultural commodities. Mexican SMEs have started export, and new markets since the 1950s and the number increase as the free trades, technology and knowledge about globalization also grow. To narrow these studies research, we leave out of this paper data related to animal husbandry and crops used to feed livestock. We focus on the yields which are according to FAOSTATS(2018) the most produced in Mexico and/or the most attractive for exporting speaking of avocado which is the most expensive export and has year round production and tropical fruits like mangoes and pineapples which also has been found that the same exporting companies usually work with these three commodities.

1.1 Problem formulation
How can Mexican SMEs in the agro-business exploit further internationalization benefits?
How can the internationalization of these SMEs de explained?
How big you have to be to start internationalization and opportunities and challenges arise from internationalization?
What are the best strategies for the Mexican SMEs to follow on their way to internationalize?

The purpose of this study is to understand the opportunities and challenges regarding SMEs willing to start internationalization exporting fruits from Mexico
The purpose of this grounded theory will be to develop an understanding of the process SMEs experience when internationalizing
How would SMES describe internationalization
What is internationalization for SMEs
What happened in the development of internationalization of SMEs

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