Instructions for Research Essay

Instructions for Research Essay

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Discipline English Language

Assignment type : Essay


The research assignment is a five-paragraph persuasive essay. You must give your argued opinion on a particular topic. You will support your arguments with at least three outside sources that you have found through your research. These sources can be newspaper articles, websites, academic journals and so on, as long as they are reputable.

You may choose from the following four topics. If you want to write about something else, that is fine, but please clear it with me first.

  • Is social media more of a benefit or a drawback?
  • What can be done about fake news? (if you do this topic, you will have to define in your introduction exactly what you mean by “fake news”)
  • Do you think universal daycare is a human right?
  • Do politics have any place to play in national or international sports events?

Your essay should be typed and submitted in class on 3 January. The essay must be formatted in APA style and all your sources need to use APA format as well.

Format MLA

Academic Level: High School

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