Improve Supply Chain

Issue: improving supply chain management (For Embraer)



Business analysts use a variety of tools to gather information and feedback about a project. One of these tools is surveying stakeholders. In this exercise, you will create, design, administer and evaluate the results of a stakeholder survey. The stakeholders may be part of your Course Project, or they may be any other group of individuals you wish to survey.

1. Choose your issue and design your survey. Issue: improving supply chain management

2. Construct a diagram of the inputs, tasks, and outputs to map the Survey Monkey survey. NEEDS TO BE CONSTRUCTED EXAMPLE BELOW

3. Define your survey objective. What are you going to survey? What questions are you going to ask? What is the objective of the survey? What will you do with the information?

4. Identify your stakeholders.

5. Run your survey.

6. Write a 500-word analysis of your Survey Monkey data. Explore what the elicitation from surveying your stakeholders told you about the problem and begin to design and develop alternative solutions. Back up your opinions with 2 scholarly sources and cite both in-text and at work’s end the APA way. In an appendix AFTER your reference page place a screen shot of your Survey Monkey data report for comparison to your written analysis.

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