The impact of sustainable design on Green building.

The impact of sustainable design on Green building.

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In my senior school my major they were physics, maths, biology, chemistry and geography. During my final year i did my exams two subject in IGCSE LEVEL and four subjects in HIGCSE LEVEL of my senior school and i past them with high grade in average of A – C in IGCSE level and average of 1 – 3 in HIGCSE level.

i started my college career in year 2004, finish it at 2006. in my college career i need bachelor of science, i past all my subject with average of A+ – C+ grade. during in my final year period i had two thoughts what i want to further my studies in university level in over broad. thoughts to study to be PILOTS and ARCHITECTURE. then at end i decided to study architecture design.

started my bachelor of architecture degree in 2008, i finished in 2014 . mostly in my bachelor degree my major they were architectural drawing, architectural physics, architectural design, architectural mechanics, architectural foundations maths, architectural science, architectural photo shooting, visual, drafting, interior design, architectural mapping and sketching diagram.

i am student who like challenges in life, i know its not easy of everything we do. especially architecture major taught alot how to be tough in every situation in life. and how to change those situation in something to beautiful and inspiring. and taught me how to see things in big picture, before you believe with your eyes. taught me how to think and imagine deep on outside the box. my bachelor degree studies taught to grow to whom i am now.

i sarted my master degree in 2015, my major is landscape architecture design. which include subject as landscape design, landscape architecture design, garden design, garden landscape design, planting design, public landscape design.

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