Health Promotion Evaluation Worksheet 2

Health Promotion Evaluation Worksheet 2

Price: Negotiable

Discipline Nursing

Assignment type : Research Proposal

Format APA

Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)

Section A: Team Procedures

1. Communication

a. Outline how the group will communicate with each other.

List the email address that group members will use for the purposes of the assignment. Use your UNE email addresses with group members for this work

Please note that you must ensure that there’s plenty of room in your inbox. It is the responsibility of each group member to make sure they are receiving communication from the group. The third column can be used for skype addresses, phone numbers, or any other form of communication that your group decides to use.

b. Preferred methods of communication and how they will be used (add, delete and revise as needed):
• Email: To be used for private messaging and for anything formal that requires recording
• Group forum discussions: Facebook Messenger
• Telephone: In emergencies only ie approaching deadlines or lack of contact
• Other: Smoke signals in the event of zombie apocalypse

c. Synchronous meetings:

All communication will be asynchronous unless a problem arises that the whole group agrees will require a set time to be on messenger.

d. Asynchronous communication:
• Facebook messenger forum should be checked every few days at a minimum, preferably daily (except over Christmas-New Year period).
• Response to emails and messenger posts will be at earliest convenience, preferably at least acknowledging receipt on the same day as reading the communication

e. Unavailability:
• If any group members know they will be unavailable for a specific date, please list it in this section.

f. Failure to communicate with group:
• If a member does not communicate within the above time frame on a repeated basis, a designated team member will send an email asking for an explanation.
• If the reason is deemed appropriate, that is the end of the matter. If the reason is deemed not appropriate by the majority of the group it will be considered an infraction as per section D
• Personal reasons that a member does not wish to discuss with the group can be raised with the unit coordinator who may decide to act on their behalf with the rest of the group if appropriate

g. Other: Specify other guidelines in this section. Nil

2. Roles of Group Members

a. Will group members be assigned specific roles? For example, will there be a project manager, an editor? Will each group member do a section of the project? Who will compile the submissions?
Assignment requirements will be discussed via messenger with specific roles and task assigned with group agreement. Group members are encouraged to volunteer for specific tasks or roles they feel comfortable with. There will be a designated member to upload the assignment.

b. Feedback and editing: Will all group members provide feedback to one another? If so how will this be done? Will each group member responsible for editing their own work? How will the whole project be edited, and proof read?
Assignment will be created by each member adding their information and updating the version. Each group member will be responsible for editing their own work with group members encouraged to provide insight and possible changes to the provided material with group discussions via messenger. The final project will be proof read by all members with any final editing required approved by all members via messenger. One member with group agreement will then be assigned the role of uploading the assignment.

c. Remember that the final version is a group effort, it needs to be coherent, polished etc. You are all responsible for the final product.
All group members are expected to try their best. Final assignment will be with group agreement.

3. Decision Making

a. How will decisions be made? By consensus, majority vote, or by the project manager?

Decisions will be by majority vote; however, every attempt will be made to have a group consensus with every decision by compromising to make everyone happy.

b. What procedures will you follow when changes are needed to previous decisions?
If a member believes that a previous decision needs to be readdressed, they can propose it in messenger. If another member seconds that proposal, it will be discussed and another vote will then occur.

4. Record Keeping

a. How will you save evidence of each member’s contributions to the project? Note that this is important, and the tutor will NOT be able to adjust grades for non-contributing members if the group does not keep track of communication and contributions from all members.
Messenger will serve as an adequate record of each member’s contribution. In the event of non-participation, all emails sent to the member in question will also serve as a record of the groups attempt to communicate.
b. You should agree to post weekly updates/progress notes/summary to the group’s forum.
Group members will provide updates when they achieve set goals and report any difficulties that they have to seek help.

Section B: Expectations

1. Work Quality

a. Project standards: What is the expected level of quality for team presentations, collaborative writing, individual research, preparation of drafts, peer review, etc.?

Aim for a professional presentation that we would be comfortable showing our nursing colleagues in an in-service at work or posting on the ward

b. Strategies to meet project standards:

Maintain academic standards, draw on the technical skills of other group members for a uniform presentation style, thorough research and a collaborative approach where a member is comfortable asking the rest of the group for advice or assistance at any stage.

c. How will you handle disagreements about work quality?

If a member thinks that another member’s work is not of sufficient quality, they can raise it in messenger. All criticism must be constructive. The other group members will then state whether they think that the work requires a redo or is satisfactory and can also provide constructive criticism. If two or more members want a redo then this will occur.

d. What grade is your group aiming for? How will you support all students to do the very best they are able to, and help each other out?

As all group members are working full time at this busy time of year, the group will aim for a credit as a bare minimum but distinction or higher is preferable.

2. Team Participation

a. Preference for leadership (informal, formal, individual, shared):

Informal, shared decision making with one member volunteering to coordinate and delegate

b. Strategies to ensure cooperation and equal distribution of tasks:

Clear delineation of tasks, regular and clear communication

c. Strategies for encouraging/ including ideas from all team members:

Maintaining a positive online environment on messenger, provide opportunities for people to ask questions and voice disagreement in a respectful manner

d. Strategies for keeping on task:
Regular updates on progress provided to the group via messenger

Section C: Timelines and Milestones

1. Project Timeline

a. Create a timeline for the project. Break the project into stages; for example, you might have the following: proposal, first draft, feedback to others, editing, second draft, revisions, and submission of assignment. Include a due date and time for each stage, and who is responsible for the work.
First draft / feedback will be required 3 weeks prior to the assignment submission due date of 22 January 2017. Second draft / feedback will be finalized 2 weeks prior to the due date with the final date for submission of each members work 1 week prior to the due date. Consistent communication will be regular and updated on a weekly basis. Members are encouraged to ask for feedback and advice with each other. Each member is also responsible for their own work / editing with group agreement on the definitive and final version.
b. It can be challenging to predict how much time is needed for each stage prior to beginning a project. In this section outline how you will handle revisions to the timeline, if necessary.
Any revisions required will be at group discussion and agreement via messenger.

Section D: Consequences for Failing to Follow Procedures and Fulfill Expectations

2. Seriousness of Infractions

a. Will there be different levels of infractions, some more serious than others? Or will any infraction to the group contract result in the same consequence? Outline the differences between any infractions. All infractions will be treated and dealt with equally except for failing to achieve draft dates listed above which will be dealt with group discussion and agreement of outcome via messenger.

3. Consequences of First Infraction

a. How will the first infraction be handled?
A friendly reminder of the time line of our project and the obligation we have made to this group via email.

b. How will this infraction be recorded? Note that it MUST be recorded if you want the tutor to be able to deduct marks or otherwise handle the infraction at a later date.
Via sent email

4. Consequences of Second Infraction

a. How will the second infraction be handled?
Group discussion and agreement of outcome via group messenger.

b. How will the second infraction be recorded?
Via group messenger.

c. Notify the tutor of both infractions and how the group handled them.
Tutor will be notified via email on group consensus.

5. Consequences of Subsequent Infractions

a. How will subsequent infractions be handled?
Group members hold a discussion and vote which must be unanimous before referring it to a tutor.

b. How will subsequent infractions be recorded?
Via group messenger / UNE forum / email.

c. Notify the instructor of any subsequent infractions.
Via email with group consensus.

6. Exclusion of Member from Group Project

a. Under what circumstances will you ask the tutor to remove a member of the group? Example: We will request that a member be removed from the group if he/she has not replied to email or used the discussion forum for five consecutive days.
If someone has continuously not replied to correspondence, been late with submitting their contribution to the group project or not contributing fairly a please explain email will be sent. If unsatisfactory reply or no reply within 2 working days I think it is reasonable to involve the tutor.

Note: (Revise instructions as needed)

Post your group contract to the group’s discussion forum. Every group member needs to reply to the post, stating that

• They have participated in forming the procedures, expectations, and consequences stated in the contract.
• They understand the contract and will abide by what has been outlined by the group.
• They will accept the consequences if they do not abide by something stated in the contract.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this worksheet you should have:
1. identified and documented an understanding of the objectives of the project and the strategies used to achieve the objectives
2. identified and documented stakeholders and their role/contribution to the project
3. completed a community assets analysis and decided how you will represent this data
4. assessed the relationship of this project to the National health priorities and WHO principles of health promotion

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