German Workers Party

German Workers Party

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Discipline History

Assignment type : Essay 


1,000 word essay (four typewritten, double-spaced pages) about the Essay 1 Topic: How did Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) use the German Workers Party (1919-1945) to gain power via oratory, propaganda and violence?

Make sure you include this information in your essay, but do not number this information; it should be in paragraph form.

When did Mr. Hitler first come into contact with the German Workers Party?

How did he rise to power in the German Workers Party?

What future Nazi officials did Mr. Hitler meet via the German Workers Party?

What is propaganda, and why did Mr. Hitler determine immediately that he would need money for propaganda in order to gain power?

What is a putsch, and what was the Beer Hall Putsch?

What did the German Workers Party become?

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Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)

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