Five Major Components of an Individual Education Plan (IEP)

Five Major Components of an Individual Education Plan (IEP)

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Assignments are an opportunity to interact with the information from your text. Please carefully read the directions and respond to each part. Write complete paragraphs (opening sentence, 3-5 content sentences, closing sentence). Use complete sentences, correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Please use critical and creative thinking.

Assignments will be submitted to VeriCite. Please use your own words! If you use any additional resources please cite them using APA format.



Assignment 1 (M) Preview the documentView in a new window– Identify at least 5 mandatory components of an IEP and explain why that component is necessary.

Click on the Word document file to download.

Save the file to your computer.

Save the file as Last Name_Assignment 1.doc.

Complete the assignment.

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