Financial performance analysis of myers australia

Financial performance analysis of myers australia

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Discipline Accounting

Assignment type : Research Paper 


need an assignment. its a research work. I have already submitted my literature review now I just need research work in report format.

Topic: Financial performance analysis of Myers Australia.

Word count:5000

due date: 21 Jan Need by 20


  1. Use balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and ratio analysis of Myers company to analyse.there should be 10 years data to compare and contrast how well or bad Myers performing in these 10 years. All four statement must be there.
  2. 10 marks for excellent abstract
  3. 10 marks for effective introduction of report

4.10 marks for research problem investigation( How well or bad Myers performing)

  1. 10 marks choice of appropriate methodology

6.10 marks for excellent analysis

7.10 for conclusion of report

8.10 for writing and presentation and references must be atleast 20

Format AMA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 4000 – 4500 pages (16 pages)

Type of service: Custom writing

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