Field: Business & Finance – Marketing

  • Field: Business & Finance – Marketing


Born global firms contribute significantly to international market growth from a very early stage. Born global firm is defined as ‘‘business organizations that from inception, seek to derive significant competitive advantages from the use of resources and the sale of outputs in multiple countries’’ (Weerawardena et al., 2007, p. 294). From an international marketing perspective and using an example of your choosing, critically discuss the marketing capabilities/strategies/approaches that lead to early internationalisation of your chosen international born global company (example).

This might include but not limited to:

– Your chosen company’s internal and external factors that help your chosen company to be born global.

– Your chosen company’s unique marketing resource/advantage in the international marketplace.

– Your chosen company’s marketing strategy.

– Your chosen company’s marketing activities (e.g. elements of marketing mix, branding, etc.)

– Your chosen company’s competitiveness.



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