expository Essay

expository Essay

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Essay Mode: Explanatory/expository Essay purpose: To explain and idea/topic to your reader Essay requirements: Minimum word count: 1,500 POV: Third person. Topic: This week your topic will depend on which source you want to explore. Here are your choices: “Sweat” – Explain how Hurston uses symbolism in her short story and explain how the symbolism helps to establish the overall theme of the short story. “A Rose for Emily” – Explain what literary elements Faulker uses and how he uses those literary elements to set up the story and establish the overall theme of the short story. “Desiree’s Baby” – Explain the role of Madam Valmonde in the story. Format: MLA format Dos: Write in the third person only. Study and follow the characteristics of this essay mode. Do research if you need to Think a little deeper than just what is on the page. Study your literary elements. Study your appeals. Don’t -s: Do not write in first person. Do not use contractions in your essay. Do not use second person POV in your essay.

Format MLA

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Volume of 250 – 275 pages (1 page)

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