Explain how a Distorted View of Reality affects the judgment for gangs

Explain how a Distorted View of Reality affects the judgment for gangs

Format MLA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 6 pages (1650 words)

Term Paper Instructions:

The course Term Paper will be written in APA(6th edition) Format. This format will consist of the following:

1. Cover Page
2. Abstract Page
3. The Body of the Paper(Content of the Page)
4. The Reference Page.

The paper will have a MINIMUM of 5 pages of content. NOT to exceed 8 pages of content. Written in Microsoft Word, a 12 point Font, Times New Roman, (1) inch margins, and double spaced.

The last page of the paper MUST be at LEAST 3/4 filled with content. One or two sentences at the top of the page WILL NOT meet this requirement. The page count DOES NOT INCLUDE the Cover, Abstract, and References Pages.

No Pictures, Graphs, Charts, or Power Points will be included in the body of the paper. No arts, graphs, or shading on The Cover Sheet of the paper as well.
(These items can be attached as addendum’s to the end of the paper)

The paper MUST have 5 scholarly resources references, properly cited in APA format. (wikiapdia and ask.com are not considered scholarly research sources).

The Term Paper will be graded on the following criteria:

Sentence Structure
Word Usage
Pertinent information to the assigned topic of the paper.

An APA Tutorial is attached to the syllabus of this course. Additional tutorial information with examples can be found in Library Resources at the St. Petersburg College/M.M.Bennett Library Resources site.

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