Evolution of Canada’s Response to Mental Health in First Nations

Evolution of Canada’s Response to Mental Health in First Nations

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Choose a topic of personal interest or connection to you. Make sure you narrow your topic down by focusing on one of its specific aspects or areas. Before you do this, you need to start your literature review (research) to become more knowledgeable about the broad topic that tickles your curiosity and to tease out its various aspects. This assignment will allow you to go deeper in your understanding of your specific, narrowed-down topic; choosing too broad a topic will result in a superficial essay.

On the basis of the evidence that you have found in your research, put together an essay outline in which you define a thesis and all the elements that need to be addressed to prove it.

Complete a 2000–2200 word term paper on your chosen topic. You will be expected to address your topic using the conceptual framework developed in the course, within a relevant sense of history, and drawing on sound documented arguments and sociological evidence as required.

Question: In what way has Canada’s response to its First Nations evolved? Focusing on Mental Health

REMEMBER: Note: Keep in mind that regardless of the topic or research question you choose, you need to develop a clear thesis and provide evidence from your research to support your argument (i.e., to defend your position).

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