English Composition

English Composition

Field: English

Find a 1-2 page article about writing from an internet source/web site.

Provide the title and URL to the article.

Evaluate the website using the 5 criteria. Write your answers in an essay format.

To whom is the site directed – children, adults, students; a certain ethnicity, gender or political affiliation? Is it understandable by the layman, or is it highly technical requiring specialized knowledge?

Is the author of the site listed? Can you determine his/her expertise? Is contact information given – phone number, address, e-mail? With what organization is he/she associated?

Does the language, tone, or treatment of its subject give the site a particular slant or bias? Is the site objective? Is it designed to sway opinion? Organizational affiliation can often indicate bias.

Currency – Is the site up-to-date with working links? Are dates given for when it was created and last updated? Is the topic current?

Is the site an in-depth study of the topic going several pages deep, or is it a superficial, single-page look at the subject? Are statistics and sources referenced properly cited? Does the site offer unique information not found anywhere else, e.g., print sources?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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