Emergency Incident

Emergency Incident

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Assignment type : Research Paper


Choose an emergency incident that has occurred in the last ten years and describe how the incident was handled. Please keep the incident to the U.S. and stay away from incidents that are so large that it cannot effectively answer the question. I do not want the Deep Water Horizon or a hurricane unless you can discuss the hurricane as it relates to a town or city but not an entire region.

You can use the same incident you used in the Week 2 forum unless I stated in your feedback that it was not a good incident to use for the forum. You will then need to choose another one for this assignment.

  1. Summarize the incident.
  2. Breakdown and discuss the sections used in the ICS.
  3. What role did the Incident Commander play in this incident?
  4. What were some mistakes made during the ICS process?
  5. How could the ICS have been improved upon in this incident.


Your paper must be a minimum of 2 full APA formatted pages not counting the title page, abstract page and reference page. You must also use a minimum of 2 academically recognizable sources.

Please see APA Guides in the Resources folder for further information on the proper APA formatting of your paper.

Please create your response in a word document, following APA guidelines, and upload as an attachment for submission.

All writing assignments must be submitted in APA format and shall include the following:

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract
  3. Main Body (With proper in-text citations) to include an Introduction and Conclusion
  4. Reference Page (Be sure to pay attention to the indentions for each source)

Be sure to include a correct Running Head on each page.

All writing assignments must meet the following page setup:

  1. Times New Roman font
  2. 12 Point font size
  3. Double Spaced
  4. 1 inch Page Margins: Top, Bottom, Left and Right (Not 1.25 inches)

These instructions must be followed or points will be deducted.

Format APA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

Type of service: Custom writing


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