Format AMA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 300 – 500 words (2 pages)

Assignment type : Research Paper

ANET 204 Writing Assignment
Topic Surgical procedure – Radical Prostatectomy 1- 5-page paper in APA format


1. Define and discuss what a radical prostatectomy surgical procedure entails, what type of incision would be made? ( 15 pts)
2. Explain why a patient would have to have this procedure performed. (5pts)
3. What test or procedures might the surgeon and anesthesia providers performs/ orders prior to the surgery? (5 pts )
4. What are the risks involved in this type of procedure and are there any other therapies that can be performed in conjunction with or (before/ after) this surgery? (15 pts)
5. Discuss any variation of this type of surgery and give a description. (15pts.)
6. What surgical position would the patient mostly likely be in during the surgery? (10 pts)
7. What type of anesthesia would you perform for a patient set to have this surgical procedure performed? (10 pts.)
8. How long might this type of surgery take to perform and would that any effect your anesthesia plan in any way? (5 pts.)
9. List the set-up, anesthesia plan/medications, and equipment you would have ready when the patient enters the room based on type of anesthesia chosen. (15 pts)
10. How would the patient be cared for post operatively? (5 pts)

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