In Week 6, your project sponsor informed you that you have to deliver your project much sooner than anticipated. When you break the news to your team, they are not happy with the decision; they are concerned that the project will now fail.

Using the information from the readings, what can you do as a leader to reassure your project team that this is the right thing to do?

What will you do to motivate them? Remember that they are professionals, and that threats or traditional carrots may not work.



Your stakeholders have asked the project team to recommend a solution to an unanticipated issue in the project.

1. Describe how you plan to lead your group to make the best decision; address the four major steps.   Step 1 – Setting a baseline plan   Step 2- Measuring process and performance.   Step 3 Comparing plans against actuals    Step 4- Taking Action

2. What tools or techniques would you use to prevent group think?

3. Describe how you would respond if a team member makes the following suggestion: “We should brainstorm and then critique each other’s ideas.”


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