Defining and Analyzing Poetry

Defining and Analyzing Poetry


In this module, we explore key literary concepts and skills. Through discussion, we’ll deepen our knowledge.

Prepare: As you prepare to write your discussion, take a few moments to review the content covered regarding the following topics:

1. Defining poetry.

2. Types of poetry.

3. Elements of poetry.

4. Analyzing poetry.

5. Writing a thesis for a poetry analysis paper.

Reflect: Take time to reflect on how defining poetry, types of poetry, the elements of poetry, analyzing poetry, and writing a thesis for a poetry analysis paper have affected how you communicate with others and, perhaps, how you believe others respond to you.

Write: Based on the content in this module, write at least two sentences on each of the five concepts or skills listed in  Prepare.  In the first sentence, write a summary of what the concept is or means to you. In the second sentence, give a specific example of how you experienced or applied the concept from your reading and writing.

Respond: Respond to posts of at least two classmates. The goal is for each of you to get two different responses. If someone already has two responses, choose a classmate with no responses first, then a classmate with only one response. When you respond, point out what you have in common and say why you think you and your classmate might have a similar experience. Then choose one element of your classmate’s post that differs from your experience and say what you learned from that difference.

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