Cybersecurity in IOT

Cybersecurity in IOT

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Discipline Information Technology

Assignment type : Thesis



I have written a thesis. Topic is “Cybersecurity in IOT”

Thesis includes

1- abstract

2- Introduction

3- Literare review

4- Research questions

5- solutions

6- conlclusion

7- References

After submitting it to university, My professor recommended changes. Professor comments are available in file name: (2017-10-12_Recommendations.docx)..

Edit required is according to the comments in (2017-10-12_Recommendations.docx) file..

File that needs to be edited which is actual thesis done by me (SubmittedPro.docx)

i have collected uploaded some research papers which are related to the comments made by professor.

so, you will not need to do research but you need to edit my thesis according comments from professor and to make sense as whole and have a good flow of information and defence.

all other files (total 4 files) are term papers which will help to edit the current thesis.

Please feel free to ask any question. only expert thesis writer to contact me.

as for number of pages, i can’t be sure because it is edit. so you can bid accordingly

Format Other

Academic Level: Masters

Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)

Type of service: Editing

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