Critically explore the ‘fear of crime’ in England and Wale, including its imparts, it’s measurement and what

Critically explore the ‘fear of crime’ in England and Wale, including its imparts, it’s measurement and what

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Discipline Criminology

Assignment type : Essay 


ritically explore the ‘fear of crime’ in England and Wales,

including its impacts, its measurement, and what is being done to address it . Detailed Assessment Instructions:

(1) Please DO NOT include your name on the Cover Page as the essays will be marked blind –

but do include your student number on each page of the essay.

(2) We strongly encourage you to use subtitles for readability, style and presentation.

(3) Your Essay must have (i) a clear introduction, (ii) a central argument supported by relevant evidence, and (iii) a logical synthesizing conclusion.

(4) Please also remember that you MUST include a Bibliography starting on a new page at the end of your essay. The Bibliography must include any and all sources that you refer to in the text of your essay. Referencing must follow the UWE Harvard style.

*For Guidance on UWE Harvard and other referencing matters, see the links and references in the Module Handbook, as well as the Skills Session Powerpoint Slides.


A central element of this Module is allowing each of you the opportunity to focus in on a particular criminological topic, to conduct some independent research on that topic, and to write an essay that will give us the opportunity to assess your knowledge of that topic area, your ability to conduct and make use of research independently and effectively, and your ability to produce a well written, logical and analytical scholarly essay.

In order to complete the Essay, you are required to do your own independent research that goes beyond the sources that we have provided in class and in the Module Handbook (including the detailed Class Description pages at the end of the Module Guide).

Your Essay should therefore draw upon:

(1) Our lecture for the relevant topic and associated materials;

(2) The required and supplementary readings for that topic (as useful to the essay question); and,

(3) Your own external research.

Format AMA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 1500 – 2000 pages (7 pages)

Type of service: Custom writing


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