Cover Page with Title, Course Code (MIST949) and your Name

Cover Page with Title, Course Code (MIST949) and your Name

Introduction: a short abstract of your research interest

Overview: contextualise your research within the body of relevant literature in the disciplinary area you are designing your research for

Methodology: what you seek to investigate; the methods you have chosen with justification.

Data: your sample of the population of interest, how you seek to collect the data (or if you have something already to work with); method of data analysis

Further steps: any planned complementary research steps (if you for example intend to used mixed methods)

Ethical considerations: if these apply.

Summary of your findings so far or a consideration of limitations of your research design.

Bibliography: of all cited material (both literature) and readings you have consulted on methods or research design.

Have you looked at my grading criteria and done your best to address the various expectations reasonably well?


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