Compose a Job Description and Job Responsibility

Compose a Job Description and Job Responsibility

Format MLA

Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

Assignment type : Essay

For this assignment, begin by identifying a position which will be needed in your company or organization in the near future. Then, describe the internal labor market of the company in terms of job stability (staying in the same job), promotion paths and rates, transfer paths and rates, demotion paths and rates, and turnover (exit) rates. Forecast the numbers available in this job category in 2016. Indicate potential limitations to your forecasts. And then, based on your study of the workforce market, complete a job analysis. Prepare a job description and job responsibility for this position. In this assignment, include the following:

Describe the position you chose to study. Explain why your company may need to hire someone for this position.
Define the methods you used (prior information, observation, interviews, task questionnaires, committee, combinations of these) to identify this position and exactly how you used them.
Determine the sources (job analyst, job incumbent, supervisor, Subject Matter Experts, or combinations of these) used to identify the position and complete the job analysis, and explain exactly how they were used.
Explain the steps taken to gather, synthesize, and report this information.
Present the actual job requirements matrix.
Support your paper with a minimum of three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

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