Case assignment

Case assignment

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THE PEN-3 Model

The PEN-3 Model is a conceptual framework for planning and developing culturally appropriate health education and disease prevention programs (Airhihenbuwa, 1995; Airhihenbuwa & Webster,2004). The model consists of three domains: Cultural Identity,Relationships and Expectations, and Cultural Empowerment.

Expectations and Outcome

Develop a 5-8 page paper that will encompass SLO 1-4 and demonstrate the culmination of your understanding and your ability to synthesis what you have learned. APA formatting is required for this
assignment. Your paper should include an introduction (with thesis statement) and a conclusion:

Choose a target cultural group

Identify a health problem affecting this group

Characterize the broader social cultural context in which behaviors contributing to this health problem occur

Discuss how culture can be leveraged toward empowerment of your target group

Discuss the implications of cultural identity in determining the most appropriate intervention ? point of entry?

Identify, analyze, and synthesize scholarly materials to inform your application of the PEN-3 Model to the development of your health education program
Use the scholarly literature to characterize the scope and implications of this health problem
Please be sure to provide citations of sources consulted in preparing your paper in the body of the actual document itself (i.e., in addition to furnishing a reference list). Remember, any statement that you make that is not common knowledge or that originates from your synthesis or interpretation of materials that you have read must have a citation
associated with it. For guidelines on in-text citations, visit the following web site:

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