Business Plan For Lunch Fancy Local Coffee Shop

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1. Executive summary

Lunch a fancy local coffee shop with different ideas, style, and system in comparison with Starbucks and another local Coffee shop. The place would be for relaxation, joy and other plans. I tend to use my knowledge and comprehensive research from coffee shops in different countries to establish my own chained Coffee Shop. In my business plan, I am thinking of a lunch local coffee shop; my idea has been created from diverse cultures and different countries, local and fancy coffee shop with modern, romantic and beautiful interior design. I want to add some excellent value to my customers; they would be enjoying the particular environment and what we are going to provide for them.

According to my previous job, I have been in many countries; during my trips to different countries, I have seen many coffee shops with a limited number of customers. They are local, but they offer many kinds of beverages, ice cream, milkshake and other products. I want to offer my costumers something unique and exclusive that would be different from Starbucks or other coffee shops in the United States. In the end, I need to emphasize that I set my goal to find new customers with different demand. Therefore, our business will be buying and selling of the coffee in the local markets. We are currently building on the ideas to start a new retailing shop. The main problem that made us think of starting a coffee shop is the fact that local market is available and the society needs the help to satisfy their demands.

Contents page:

  • Introduction page

  • Methodology/Procedure

  • Business Environment Analysis

  • Overview of the proposed business

  • Customer Profile

  • Competition

  • Operational characteristics

  • Conclusions

  • Recommendations

  • References

  • Appendices

  1. Introduction


When we talk about coffee shop within the United Kingdom, we direct our minds to the traditional retailers such as chains like Starbucks. My experience to run a shop and the advice I have gained comes from different parts of the world, which I have toured, and it is clear that a shop that majors in selling the coffee is necessary to be established.

Furthermore, I realized that when the Starbucks has not yet opened any branches and an established a shop will likely bring greater profit to the owner. In this business, we shall discuss the designing of a new retail shop with specific individual designs that will attract more customers. In this plan, we shall try to launch a local coffee shop (Wynne & Hayden, p.34).

Lunch, a fancy local coffee shop, is a retail business shop which will involve new business ideas which are aimed at creating an exclusive shop with unique features. It will draw these new ideas, styles, and the strategy from Starbucks and from another local coffee shop. The familiar environment will be for relaxation and joy by favorable features introduced.

Considering my level of life and the amount of income that I earn, I will be able to raise £150.000 for the retailer shop. These will be the initial partial capital that can be invested into the business. According to the comparative analysis I made, the whole budget that the chain of shops will require is just £500,000.

These are the major considerations that I made during the time of the analysis. In specifying the major section of my budget, I consider the type of construction of premises and the format which we shall use in branding the coffee that we will be selling. Our selection of the location to start a shop has been our priority. We confirm Concord to be the best place to a start business where we shall be selling the coffee. The primary requirement is to place a marketing team in the area. The team needs to prepare and work on a successful marketing strategy which set our advertisement plan, marketing plan, and branding.

2.    Methodology/Procedure:

         How was the investigation carried out?

         How the data was collected and why was this the best way?

         How was the data analysed? (In broad terms)

         Limitations – was there any restrictions on the report eg: confidentiality


3.    Business Environment Analysis


3.1 PESTEL (in appendix)

3.2 Comment on PESTEL factors

4.    Overview of the proposed business


4.1 What is the business idea? Clearly explain

4.2 Category, main USP

4.3 Mission statement

4.4 Why?

Our marketing plans will substantially contribute to the success of the business, and the choice of the environment where this business will be conducted, and it is therefore expected to bring benefits to the society. Our plan to give education to the public concerning the importance of using coffee as part of their main diet is an advantage. We believe that this act will contribute to the success of the business. I believe that success will follow since my knowledge is well extended to marketing strategies.

The objective of the business is to find new customers by all means and plan to ensure that every new customer is maintained. We shall extend our services by delivering new environments, building the place for dating, meeting and special events; a place where customers enjoy the taste of common foodstuff and coffee.

The business is aiming at solving the continuing problems facing the customers surrounding the Concord. Our services will be new and will differ from what other businesses offer. We are also introducing the styles in which the product will be reaching the consumers.

The added value of the coffee is the way whereby the accessibility of the product is increased and the low transport costs will also reduce the cost of the product. Other services which add the value to the product we are retailing is that most of them are oral one because we should deliver our message of passion to people, and how their life can be happier, better and easier.

Behind our business, we shall employ the technology on the way; they are a package. Furthermore, the impact on the improvement of technology has resulted in venturing into the biggest business with less fear of the risk to be involved. Currently, we cannot post the picture of the working machine. Upon the introduction of the technology, the value of the product will be boosted two times the original.

The introduction of the technology has assisted the consumers with the provision of adequate product which is being demanded. Consumers should pay for this technology so that the supply is maintained. We are striving for all ways to build on the technology (CUHK, 2009 P.6).

The next step is assigning my management team that should include the General Manager, operation manager, financial Manager and administration management. My target market will be Bay area for the first two years, and then I would rather expand my target market to South California, and after five years it would be five states

Since the strategies put in place to be used in the launching the local coffee shop are of a good standard and are so promising that we expect a positive impact as soon as we start running the business. The degree at which we intend to generate profit is expected to be rising as the time goes (Honig and Karlsson, p.12).

The local coffee shop will emphasize on the care of the customer’s interest. We shall be first determining the quantity and the quality of the coffee we are selling to our customers so that we ensure that the quality is of what we are expecting. We are interested in establishing a strong market using the most modern techniques.

5. Overview of location


    5.1 Location details

    5.2  External factors

    5.3 Premises details

Our decision just came after doing a separate analysis on the extent at which the coffee is demanded in the existing Starbucks areas. We believe that our coffee shop will solve the problems facing the customers such as the cost of the transportation, time-saving and the accessibility as the shop is close to the customers. Through this market analysis, we found that it was very necessary to start a branch of business which will be providing the coffee to the consumer.

In the most recent research, I did, I confirm on the best opportunity of the location that will be favorable to the business. I find out that the best location for starting my business is Concord. The thing I need to do is to place a marketing team.

6. Customer Profile


  6.1 Demographics

  6.2 Consumer research

  6.3 Potential target market, target market segmentation

  6.4 Primary research data

Our product will be demanded by everyone. The targeted market is both local and the nearby urban centers. We shall aim at providing a safe and higher quality product than the one which is already in the market. Customers are from localities with small earnings since their income is low. The uniqueness of our business will both be the way it has been branded and the style of delivery. Our market type will just be the local markets.

The targeted customers are approximately in a densely populated area. The numbers of the customers, therefore, depend on the size of the population. We are planning to expand our business so that we increase the number of customers. Because of these varying capacities of customers, we cannot estimate well the volume of revenue that the business will be getting. Our success will lie on the way at which we handle the business.

Our market details are that we shall first concentrate on the nearest customers before we could go further to expanding the market. The cost of the marketing and advertisement will be limited so that the growth of the business is confirmed. We also estimate the rate at which our market expands, depending on the effort that we shall insert to this work, our target market will be Bay area for the first two years, and then I would rather expand my target market to South California, and after five years it would be five states

7. Competition


   7.1 SWOT (in appendix)

   7.2 Analysis of critical points from SWOT

The existence of the monopoly of the market and the dictation of the prices of the coffee products has been a compelling problem that requires an immediate solution. Our plans have included the strategies that aimed at solving the above problems. We aim at standardizing the price to favor the needs of the customers and to stop the monopoly impact on the market.

The main problem that the customers and the consumers faced are the safety and the over pricing of the product. We saw it was the fastest and cheapest solution to start the shop. The main solution required is to establish a related business where the product will still be offered to the customers.

The competitive advantage that we have is that the market is vast and ready. We are almost monopolizing the ready market. We are better than the competitors because of the modern ways of marketing that we are employing in our partnership. Our partnership has got a unique team, partner, invention, intellectual property, insights and expertise that others don’t have (this theme of expert has helped a lot in making our partnership). We expect the advantage on completion to sustain it for a long time. We are very concern about the consumer’s welfare and the services that we provide regarding their needs. The standard of our product and the services will retain our consumers sustain him (Honig and Karlsson, p.12). Our competitors, who sell the same product in the market, are significantly different.

Our competitors are only the Starbucks who had already established the market both locally and internationally. However, we so determine that our customers will increase in number as soon as we initialize the lunch local coffee shop. One of the surest ways at which we are sure of gaining more customers is the fact that we have the most qualified expert. In that case, therefore, good customer relation is the prior acts that we mostly emphasize always. Other services that we expect will helps to retain our customers are that we are planning to offer transport to the shops by buying in bulk. Furthermore, we give the commission depending on the size of the goods they buy.


8. Operational characteristics


   8.1 Product specifications (menu, drinks, product information, examples, comparisons)

The main solution required is to establish a related business where the product will still be offered to the customers. Lunch is a fancy Local Coffee Shop being a structure build from a new format with a style that attracts the customers and its aim is to expand by opening the other branches in different locations. My coffee shop would be modern, fancy and place for relaxing and will have some features that are related to the interest of the customers (Wynne & Hayden, P.34).

Lunch is fancy Local Coffee Shops is a shop with a set goal and will serve a varied menu such as coffees, cakes and milkshakes and new Persian foodstuffs and other types of products type from different countries. We are also going to provide grounds that will be used for relaxing and playing. Other services are those which include adding value to the coffee. More over the customers will get to taste the Turkish coffee or Germany style milkshake and get a new experience from our coffee shop.

Lunch is fancy Local Coffee shop is the best-expected shop, which will offer a large number of services and the product. Among the services and the products that we are providing are as follows;

  • Serving the International Coffee, Milkshake, Cake, Juice and tea.

  • Importing materials from different countries and making it in our coffee shop providing new tastes.

  • The compelling benefits that will result after establishing this shop are that the accessibility of the goods will be made easier and the price of the products will be made stable. The Lunch fancy local coffee shop will also be providing some teaching services to the consumers concerning the importance of the coffee.

   8.2 Service considerations

In the first two years of work, we shall ensure that we meet the demand of every individual in the already covered market. Different methods, plan, or strategies will be involved to ensure that the goal of the business is met on time. Among the strategies is as follows; My primary strategy is customer orientation and customer satisfaction. In this project, we project a return profit of 20% of the total sales by the end of the third year and the fifth year since the date at which this business is initiated. I try using an idea from others to manage and build my own business.

For Example, Small tablet at each table for ordering the coffee or shake or cake and pay the bills. I got this idea from Applebee’s restaurant. Customers like the cosy and warm environments like some coffee shop in Europe. Live Music performance is a good Idea for local coffee shops and quite unique in weekend or holidays or all summer nights. They like samples from Coffee or cakes, and I will offer them. I try to use a combinations of ideas from Local and nationwide coffee shop to build my successful business plan (Wynne & Hayden, p.34).

   8.3 Staffing requirements

   8.4 Branding

The team needs to prepare and work on successful marketing strategy which set our advertisement plan, marketing plan, and branding.

   8.5 Indication of start up cost 



5.    Conclusions:

         Summarises the findings

         Never introduce new information here

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