BTEC 106: Group Project (20%)

BTEC 106: Group Project (20%)
Written Section Instructions
In groups of 3-5 students, please choose an anatomical system from the chapters in our textbook
(i.e. Cardiovascular system) and choose a disease associated with that system (i.e. congenital
heart disease).
One group member will be responsible for the following 3 components/sections:
1. Write an introduction
2. Discuss the relevant anatomy and physiology associated with their disease
3. Write a conclusion.
The remaining group members will EACH provide the following 3 components/sections:
1. An example of a biomedical technology used to aid persons suffering from your chosen
disease (ex. Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve).
2. A description of the piece of biomedical technology
3. An evaluation of the effectiveness of the biomedical technology
Oral Presentation Instructions
Your presentation will be 10-12 mins with an additional 3-5 mins for questions
As a group, you will be required to present the information you have provided in your written
document. You will have to use a visual aid during your presentation (i.e. power point
presentation, Bristol board, chalkboard, social media etc.)
Formatting Issues
• Length: Each student should write approximately 2 pages
o Page quotient does NOT include title page or reference pages
o You will need to provide proper references using APA style or another recognized
reference guide
• Style: Please create a professional document (therefore, be careful of spelling, grammar
and do NOT use short forms or slang etc.). Please use the following format:
o 12 point font
o Project appropriate font (i.e. times new roman, arial)
o 1 inch margins on all sides of the paper
o Page numbers in the upper right on all pages
o Include a modified title in the upper right on all pages
o If you have figures, please include a figure legend
Other Considerations
• Please submit your assignment to the drop-box on e-centennial
• Do NOT plagiarize
• Please let me know who is responsible for writing each section (you will receive
individual marks for your section
Marking Scheme
• See Rubrics posted on e-centennial

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