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This essay is a research assignment that will be a biography of a fiction author or poet. Begin by choosing any author of fictional works or a poet. You will do best by choosing an author whose work you know, but whom you do not know too much about. Please, be aware that you cannot write a life-to-death biography in the short space of this essay. Therefore, focus on a particular aspect or aspects of the person. Access 3 to 5 reliable outside sources from which you will gather information about your author or poet. It is very important to remember to use MLA format rules to cite all your sources in the text of the essay as well as on your works cited page. I will be paying close attention to make sure you cite your sources. Incorrectly cited sources or un-cited sources will be considered plagiarism and significant points will be deducted. This essay must be between 3 and 4 pages (double spaced) in length.

Format MLA

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