Directions: Choose one aspect of the way you relate to others that needs improving. Using the following outline, write an analysis of your behavior and a plan for making a change. Choose a behavior that is important to you. To fully develop paper takes 2-3 pages. This paper should be written APA style

1. DYNAMIC: Identify ways you function in this style — Describe very completely your habits and patterns and how they differ or conform to your social group expectations. E.g., what you do, with whom do you behave this way, how long this has been a problem, and any information that describes your behavior.

2. CONSEQUENCES: What are the results of your behavior? What are the challenges and opportunities presented by this diverse behavior? What happens to you and others as a result of your behavior? There are probably good and bad consequences.

3. AFFECT: How do you feel about your beliefs, behavior and the results? How do others view your behavior? You probably have positive and negative feelings about these.

4. FORCE FIELD: 1. Identify the social factors and personal beliefs and assumptions that keep you in this lifestyle. What keeps you behaving as you do? What social factors are influencing you and helping you maintain this behavior?

2. Identify the social factors and personal beliefs that can take you away from this way of behaving. (Force field 1 & 2 are often related. E.g., If jealousy is making it difficult for you to trust your partner, then dealing with jealousy will take you away from this behavior.


1. List action steps you believe will reduce social factors and personal beliefs that keep you in this lifestyle.

2. List action steps that can free you from this lifestyle.

In this section describe your plan for making this change. Be very detailed and specific about how you plan to move toward your goal. This should be the strongest section of your paper.

6. FEASIBILITY: Explain why your plan is: a. manageable b. measurable c. why you are in

control of the steps d. why you believe this plan will work.

7. RESOURCES: Identify the resources, human and material, that you will use to implement

your plan for change.

8. TIME LINE: List the steps you will take in the first two weeks of implementation.

List the date you plan to begin the change.

9. EVALUATION: How will you measure success? How will you know when you have achieved your goal?

10. REVISIONS: Choose one or two steps for change that you think may be difficult for you to accomplish.

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