Assignment to develop my leadership skills

I would be lie of I say I didn’t kick out for do this assignment to develop my leadership skills , last year I hand learned a lot and I am sure that my previse assignment was suitable for fill the gar uncertainty and fulfill of last year . but without doubt this time with my new skills in HEC school I learned a lot and apply my previse strategy and work with the weakness , that was prefer from my peers and boss group in that type of test . that will lead uncertainty the new development plan to push and talked in series situation . I am writing my paper that will explain the my plan started from 1-1 -2018 to 30-12-2019 , it will motivate me to write it prior the died line .

In this paragraph I will write about my objective, its not limited in one side but all aspect of life .

But I will concentrate in this paper in explaining working and learning of failure side in my plan . Managing challenges. during my last 4 years as an entrepreneur I came up with this objective : going to scale up my startup project not only start up and test the product in the market , regarding to my situation I am leading different kinds of project in health and environment that need to be under an organization and remain all that project under one umbrella to make me focuses more on managing it and sustain that valuable result , attract talent people how have the passion to work and understand the meaning of having that valuable outcome .

Here I will explain my success criteria , and how I will recognize success , review and measure improvement , partial I will try to use appraisal and 360 degree feedback , to understand my team satisfaction and how far they see my improvement , set up board member for consulting and do several meeting in the year to gain me what to do and how to deliver result for next stage . one of the quantitative magerment is participating in events and , our value added will be our qualitative criteria that will be explain next .

What will be the action to use this method to drive for next step ? start to recruit and give the space to other talent member to appear , I am sure that there are a lot of talent need to appear but they are looking for such a big chance .

During the actin I am sure there will be a lots of challenge will appear , one of the most I hate it about my self is lack of confident and motivation that will have very hard impact to me so as in huge test that I am the type of skeptical person in the challenges , in this situation I should delegate the peers to not drive the organization to worst situation ( finger kublel Ross ) Depuration stage happen for any success or any new change that will make me to drive to the new stage of improvement and learn of failure . I always run to over drink coffee , and write poems , this time if I will face challenge I should go for relax , and not taking fast disagune alone and delegate as I write previously .=

As I studied that 70% of learning will be in experiment and job taking responsibility, as we know the every organization that in planning stage implement the strategy will face a lots of mistake and new things will come up that will create the 70% of the Esperance for my and also my team .

One of the problem I faced in the class test that lack of focuses , the objective here is to know what is the most important thing to do ,keep eye for few specific objective , not all of the objective , also unskield by addict to action and do a bit of every thing quickly , the thing here I should drive my self to focuses , I will set up clear objective , and focuses in some , understand the things must happen from this plan , separate things must to do in critical plan . plan also should be lay out tasks and work (FYI ,5thedition) . the quotes that will inspire me and I will keep in mind to motivate my focus strategy words are lens to focus one’s mind (Ayn Rand )

Finally I will discuss about Hogan develop insight shows the score of leisurely, mischievous are consider in very high risk that related to my type as INJT as introvert and thinker , that I am irritated , that shows a lot if I am under pressure that seen in Ambiguity Architect personal Checklist that justifies I have less flexible , the action to fix it is to select three people to observe how are good to tend the situation , and ask questions to make statements (FYI,5th Edition).

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