Article Commentary

Article Commentary

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Discipline Criminology

Assignment type : Coursework


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Locate an article from a recent publication (on-line or paper) describing “the Use of a Polygraph in Criminal Justice and Investigation.” Write and submit a two to three page commentary on the article. Be sure that the article commentary pertains to a specific criminal justice issue/event and the effects of this issue/event. Include a summary and your interpretation of the strong and weak points of the article and your interpretation of the articles’ findings or conclusions. This follows a critiques format. Be sure to give complete references where the article can be found. You are encouraged to use the internet, your textbook(s), and California Southern University’s online library.

Major elements of an article critique:

Part I: Title

The title gives an idea of what the report is about.

Part II: Introduction

Specifies the issue discussed or studied in the article.

Part III: Primary Topic / Research Questions or Hypothesis

Provides pertinent data, observations or history on the issue and what research questions they are attempting to answer.

Part IV: Summary

Include a summary and your interpretation of the strong and weak points of each article and your interpretation of the article findings or conclusions.

Part V: References

Includes all works cited in the article.

References should not be included in your page count.

Format MLA

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Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

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