Anthropology Essay- How Issues of Sickness and Healing Are Shaped in the Media

Anthropology Essay- How Issues of Sickness and Healing Are Shaped in the Media

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Discipline Anthropology

Assignment type : Essay


Select a current or recent story or event, which has been covered in the media, that relates to the topics discussed in this course (i.e. medicine, illness, healing).

In this short paper (1500 words) you will examine how issues of sickness and healing are shaped in the media.

You need to find at least two (2) sources on the story/event. Do make clear where the stories are coming from TV news, radio, internet new sites, newspaper, social media, etc. and if its local, national, or international, specifying country of origin. You can focus on a single media source or use multiple media sources in order to compare and contrast. However, you are not required to include an exhausted list.

Address some of the sub-questions as well as others that have come up within the class:

– Are all sources about a particular place, population, or time period?

– Is there a pattern of how the stories are reported?

– How is illness/health/healing framed? What is the perspective? What is the bias?

– How does the media’s framing impact the interpretation of medicine/illness/healing?

– Is there a pattern related to cultural understandings or social process?

– What narratives/view points of illness or health are featured? Are individual narratives/view points of illness or healing featured?

– Are particular causes or remedies discussed?

Required is a minimum of three (3) references, including the textbook. All sources should be referenced, including any websites, newspapers, TV features, etc.

Format APA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 6 pages (1650 words)

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