Write My Qualitative analysis of functional group assignment

Write My Qualitative analysis of functional group assignment
The experiment consists of 5 unknown organic compounds. The goal of the experiment is to
classify the functional groups present in each organic compound by determining their water
solubility, and reactivity with various other compounds. The main question of the experiment
is; can unknown organic compounds be classified through solubility, and reactions with other
An organic compound can be classified based on the functional groups present in the
compound. All the tests performed with each organic compound will help determine the
functional groups present, which will lead to identifying the compound.
– Test tubes
– Test tube stand
– Eye droppers
– Safety goggles
– Stirring rod
– 25 drops of acetone
– 25 drops of chromic acid solution
– 25 drops of dinitrophenylhydrazine
– 22 drops of each (5) unknown organic compounds
– 10 ml of ethanol
– 50 ml of water
– 50 drops of acidified ceric ammonium nitrate solution
– 50 drops of KI/I2 solution
– 100 drops of 5% FeCl3 solution
– 10% NaOh solution
– 2% KMnO4 solution
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