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    Description The Day the Sky Roared Case Study Describe your task…Shortly after daybreak on April 3, 1974, thunder began to rumble through the dark skies that covered much of the midwestern United States.Lightning struck areas from the Gulf Coast states to the Canadian border.By the predawn hours of the next day, the affected region of around 490,000 acres was devastated by more than 100 tornadoes.This “super outbreak”was responsible for the deaths of more than 300 people in 11 states.More than 6100 people were injured by the storms,with approximately 27,500 families suffering some kind of loss.The total cost attributed to the disaster was more than $600million.Amazingly,the storm resulted in six category 5 tornadoes with wind speeds exceeding 261 miles per hour.To put this figure in perspective, the region endured about one decade’s worth of category 5 tornadoes in a single 24-hour period!
    Create a report that graphically displays and discusses the tornado-related data.Your report should include the following: 1. A bar graph or pie chart (or both) that depicts the number of tornadoes by F-scale.Generally,only a little more than 1% of all tornadoes exceed F-3 on the Fujita Wind Damage Scale. How does the frequency of the most severe tornadoes of the April 3–4, 1974, outbreak compare with normal tornado formation? 2. A single histogram that displays the distribution of tornado duration for all the tornadoes. 3. Six histograms displaying tornado duration for each of the F-scale categories.Does there appear to be a relationship between duration and intensity? If so,describe this relationship. 4. A bar chart that shows the relationship between the number of deaths and tornado intensity.Ordinarily,the most severe tornadoes (F-4 and F-5) account for more than 70% of deaths.Is the death distribution of this outbreak consistent with this observation? 5. A bar chart that shows the relationship between the number of deaths and community size.Are tornadoes more likely to strike rural areas? Include a discussion describing the number of deaths as a function of community size. 6. A general summary of your findings and conclusion
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